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Uses of Mobile Advertising

I read an article called, 7 different approaches to mobile couponing by Gary Lombardo, and it gave 7 ways to approach mobile couponing on your own website. They are:

  1. Make mobile coupons available on your mobile Web site
  2. Create mobile coupons that are store specific
  3. Personalize mobile coupons
  4. Allow for consumer opt-in alerts other than SMS
  5. Integrate coupons into the core mobile shopping experience
  6. Provide coupons through location-based services
  7. Offer coupons through other channels

I appreciate the 7 points as I am interested in implementing coupons and ads on my blog but, I want to make sure that they are both pertinent to the target market of the blog and even the actual blog post. So, I think for me I will focus on personalization and location based services. I think I will make my own coupon ads again and market my own company within my social media campaigns to bring people to a suitable landing page relevant to the services and products I offer.

I found a few websites that give great insight on how to do this, what’s new and why do it.

I found a few cool plugins to use but I basically just want to see what they do so I can see what’s going on behind the scenes 8 Superior WordPress Plug-ins for eCommerce

I just want to make sure that the coupons are applicable to my target market within my target region or at least up to date and good enough for someone to use if they are out of my region.

What’s next for digital coupons? This one gives a bit of insight on where digital couponing is going.

This one has a great section towards the end about “Popular Affiliate Networks to Join When You Launch Your Coupon”
How to Make Money With a Coupon Blog

HOW TO: Create and Distribute Effective Online Coupons This one is very informative on how to get your coupons on your blog and do it in an effective way.

Coupons are great! I love them and use them everyday, I love the show Extreme Couponing and do a pretty good job of it myself when I go shopping. People continuously ask me to take them with me or request me to go with them because I am always finding bargains, and I want to give my social community that same feeling!

Watch out for the ads coming soon to the right of you ;o)

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